Acoustics and Grasshopper

Hi all!

I noticed that some of you are working with spaces for performance in which sound is an important element.

Grasshopper can be an useful tool to easily visualize such a complex thing as sound. (which are just a translation into our favourite  software of some mathematical models of this phenomenon!).

In the first place, Guillaume Meunier has developed an acoustic shoot that imitates acoustical raytracing:


This one could be an easy-to-use first guess for acoustic behaviour of a certain space before making a physical model for instance.

In the second place, a more complex one is the work by LMN Tech Studio (these guys are good!) that share their studies on acoustic reflexion and form-finding for a School of Music using the raytracing algorithm, which is also used for light simulation as you all know:

I hope this can be useful.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or suggestion.


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One Response to Acoustics and Grasshopper

  1. This is awesome! thank you Miguel! Lily&Co will found this very helpful.


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