ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEKs!, 11/14 of November and from 17/22st!

Dear all!

Sorry for the delay in uploading your favourite post of the blog! There were a ARCHITECTURE RESEARCH FUND and ARCHITECTURE PROJECT FUND deadline and we wanted to make the homework properly.

The activities of the week and the coming week are:

1- TUESDAY THE 11TH of November:  to celebrate that in one month time we will be working in the JUNGLE, that for what we have heard, should be something similar to 140 HR first floor, but with a bit more of humidity.

2- WEDNESDAY THE 12TH: no-tutorials day. In one week time we have a very important CRIT and we want you to speed up 1/6 model production.

3- THURSDAY THE 13TH: After seeing some of you at the corridors, we have discovered you might want to have a fast talk to inform us about the state of the work, so let´s have a TUNING SESSION, from 10:00am to 13:00, all the students together + Izaskun + Carlos for a fast project description + questions and answers. So make a list of the problems you are encountering to find solutions in this session.

4- WEDNESDAY THE 19TH: A FANTASTIC CRIT in room 1.34. From 10:00am with the following guests, so please, speed up the 1/6 model production. The members of the panel will be the following:

  • Manijeh Verghese, AA Intermediate 11.
  • Alice Labourel.
  • Tim Lucas (Bartlett): Tim holds a Lectureship in Structural Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture and has taught at several other universities as a visiting critic and technical lecturer.
  • Marta Grinda, BINOM.
  • Barry Wark, BIOPHILE
  • Christopher Nicola.
  • Isabel Gutierrez.


6- THURSDAY THE 20TH: presentation of the workshop TAKING TOYS SERIOUSLY, THE USE OF MODELS TO EXPLORE STRUCTURAL BEHAVIOUR, presented by Izaskun. 10:00am. We will inform you about the location as soon as we get one room assigned.

7- SATURDAY THE 22ND: first test description of TAKING TOYS SERIOUSLY, THE USE OF MODELS TO EXPLORE STRUCTURAL BEHAVIOUR, with Roberto Marín as super guest!

All the best! and enjoy

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