ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK, 24/28th of November (Updated 16:04)

Dear all!

Finally a week to concentrate in your work capitalizing all you have learnt throughout the term! (that Izaskun and I know has been A LOT!). So this week we won´t have any meeting apart from tutorials to the students we didn´t see during the structural workshop and Saturday presentation (Oliver & Josh). And a brief Thesis meeting with 5th years in preparation to our meeting on Thursday the 27th (14:30pm).

This is it:

1- Wednesday the 26th of November: 

  • Thesis meeting (in preparation of the 27th meeting), 10:30 to 11:15, in HR140 1.33. We would like to have a meeting with all 5th years to discuss about your thesis interest and help to make it more specific and relevant to your project (if possible). Please bring an A4 with the following:
  • 3 possible thesis titles.
  • brief description of the thesis ideas for the proposed titles.
  • possible benefits of the thesis research in your design.
  • possible Thesis tutors you have in mind, here is the list: 141114 d MArch Thesis Tutor Specialisms issue 2
  • Design tutorials with Josh and Oliver, 11:15 to 12:30 in HR140 1.33: both of you together?

2- Thursday the 27th of November, 14:30. THESIS MEETING. Room 140 or 141 in building 140 HR. 

3- Thursday the 27th of November, IZASKUN´S LECTURE: I´m waiting for the information to know if the lecture is public or not. So I´ll let you all know as soon as possible.

best! and rock (Indian style)!

Izaskun and Carlos

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