INTERIM PORTFOLIO – Nawan Yudhanahas

Brief in A4 format


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One Response to INTERIM PORTFOLIO – Nawan Yudhanahas

  1. hi Nawan¡ Than you for posting¡ I think the year evolution has been good, but with a lot of ups and downs…. the ups being FASCINATING¡ So this two terms to follow we have to precisely focus in avoiding the downs (graphic, and lack of self confidence). Regarding the portfolio, the Costa Rica section is VERY good¡ I miss more of post analysis of the mistakes and the things to revisit in your project.
    The masterplan proposed needs more work to allow you take the maximum profit of the site (environmental qualities, and entrepreneurial efficiency… it is not only a new set of buildings on site, but it is similar to a swiss swatch…. MEANINGFULNESS AND ACCURACY are the goal¡).

    well done and thank you again¡

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