Term 2 Brief:

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  1. hi Han! Thank you so much for posting. Very good Portfolio, very clear and very well balance design and research. The Costa Rica section is very competent too. The drawings are very clear and the structural and fabrication challenges are proved to be addressed with creativeness and professionalism. I only miss some reflections in problems that need to be solved through design improvements (horizontal instability, tripods geometry, and improvements required to control the deformation of the timber structure) and I also miss the use of the Costa Rica experience in your 2nd and 3rd term project (not only detail design wise, but also in the way collective knowledge is considered, users roles in the project, etc….. I´m sure that will be solved in the months to come).

    Regarding the new project ahead, I think the selection of the site and the program is very clever and full of possibilities. Regarding the park plan organization, I think at this stage is more important to understand why the functions are distributed as they are, rather than the specific position. It make sense to me to define this board of variables, produce a series of options, and to evaluate according to a consistent evaluation. Sure it will come soon too.

    Very good first term.


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