Interim Portfolio Review

Part 1

Part 2

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One Response to Interim Portfolio Review

  1. Hi Oliver! Thank you for posting the information. I think the portfolio is VERY good. With a fantastic description of your intentions through design (models and drawings) congratulations! At the same time I´m missing the Costa Rica workshop experience and learning you could get out of it. I think the design&fabrication aspects were not even the most important clues of it, but how a series of proactive users can redefine their built environment to accommodate/actualize/re-intent…etc new functions using the collective intelligence of the group as inspiration and driving force (learning through action!).

    Regarding the last steps of the project, as I told you, they have an outstanding design and informational quality. Nevertheless, I consider the goals for the terms to come are not stated so far (how are different floating school create a bigger functional platforms, why do they move in the rivers and canals, the connection with the existing fix context…etc). For sure, all these and many more relevant pieces of information will come soon.

    all the best!


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