Max Friedlander Interim Portfolio part1

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4 Responses to Max Friedlander Interim Portfolio part1

  1. Hi Max! Thank you for posting! One quick question, have you included in the portfolio information regarding the second and 3rd term project?

  2. 20142015maxfriedlander says:

    Hi Carlos,
    yes i have included a few pages in the submission to show some intentions for term 2..But they are rushed and under-developed. I have also submitted the term 1 video on the provided laptop
    Thank you.

  3. Hi Max! here I go. I think the information included in the portfolio is fascinating. At the same time I think it is not always explained building consistent architectural links (water-sound experiments, wax experiments, etc are not explained in a way it is clear where are you using them, and how the design should evolve in order to accommodate this fascinating realities).

    From dilettante to professional: The work is not described from its architectural values (scale, measurements, fabrication/construction systems and tools in reality, description of outcome quantities such as liters collected, oxygen m3, structural faulties and implementations required to achieve stability….etc) so in the end, although the design is extremely challenging and interesting, the information that prevails in the viewer brain is more regarding aesthetics than architectural values. As a cross analysis method, if we compare the portfolio document with the one of Han (just to give an example!) we can see the amount of drawings are nearly equal to model pictures, but in your portfolio the proportion is not balance.

    Despite the commentaries, the first month has been VERY good, and now we have to work in making the architectural values more important!

    All the best!

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