Portfolio Review- Lily Papadopoulos-190115

Project Brief,  Term 1 and 2:


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

1/6 and smaller models:


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2 Responses to Portfolio Review- Lily Papadopoulos-190115

  1. Hi Lily! Thank you for posting!

    The portfolio shows a VERY inspiring project! The acoustic research is effectively increasing the complexity of the project, and the only point to incorporate in order to validate the design is EMPIRICAL TESTING. Nevertheless, I have not found the Costa Rica workshop pages… this is a pity! Not only for the project and experience held there, but also as a way to incorporate new inputs and findings in the 2nd term project).

    As the upload is organized in 6 different chapters, I don´t know if the 1 to 6 model images are following PART 3 (after the red square), or at the end. For now on, my recommendation would be to spread the pictures all over the portfolio, giving some extra information to the design decisions (positively supported or arose as an error discovered in the model making).

    Regarding the last iteration of the project, I would like to mention I think the new tower sizes are perfect! So now, the questions to answer graphically as soon as possible are the following:
    1- site masterplan: how many towers are you going to design?, with which acoustic specialization), are these towers altering the urban landscape they are in?? which are the first urban alterations they might produce? rooftop auditoriums?
    2- integration in a ruined landscape: as the existing built environment is so ruinous, the tower load will make the remains collapse instantaneously. So it is necessary to find new ways of connecting your architecture to the ground (moving the tower to free land in the same site, or to retrofit the existing ruin).
    3- vertical communication is still rather mysterious, although now, we have stairs in certain places! so it is just a question of clarifying vertical transitions.

    thank you very much!


  2. Thanks Carlos!! I’m now working towards completing the Costa Rica workshop portfolio pages and then will go through the graphic and empirical testing of the project! I’ll see you on friday!!

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