Ruben Interim Submission

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  1. HI Ruben, Thank you very much for posting. The portfolio as a whole is very clear and complete (apart from the lack of information regarding the Costa Rica workshop!). The graphic information is very varied in techniques so the viewer has the opportunity to cross information and understand the project straight forward.

    Regarding your second term project, the proposal is very interesting and full of architectural challenges to solve during the months ahead, so we think it is at your level. Nevertheless, the explanation of the proposal for the portfolio review is a bit underdeveloped, mainly because of three reasons:
    1- the brief explains a very complex scenario (funders + builders + family occupying the space + musicians using the premises for various goals + maintenance team), so it would be necessary to develop a diagram specifying number of people, roles and levels of implication they my have in the design (if any).
    2- we don´t have an insight of how the Abingdon site is going to be occupied, so it does not allow others to compare the two sites and find the architectural relevance of linking them both though the brief.
    3- It is also a bit difficult to understand the transitory condition of the architectural elements shared in the two sites. That is purely because the drawing presents all the components as an integral and materially-cohesive proposal.

    These three points (among others you might have in your task´s list) prove there are loads of interesting issues to define, therefore, to enjoy!

    All the best Ruben


  2. HI Carlos, I feel this is a fair assessment of where I am currently at. Though it is at the moment underdeveloped, I feel it is more a work in progress. I have a fairly clear trajectory and as you mentioned also a rather large ‘to do’ list! However, I now have a project I can ‘sink’ my teeth in to.

    Thank you for your comments.


  3. YES! “sink” the teeth! (I love the expression! )


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