ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK! 3rd to 6th of March!

Dear all!

After several weeks with loads of activities: DR, tutorials, lectures and podcast, here we have a new week, with less intense schedule:

1- Wednesday the 4th of March, from 9:30am to 17:00pm, in room 132. Structural Consultan session with our fantastic Roberto Marín. Starting with 4th years, please choose the most suitable running order for you. Once we finish with year 4, we will kindly ask Roberto to have a fast session with all 5th years (please select a challenging structural component of the design to focus the attention to this matter).

Please bring:

– seismic and other environmental diagrams relevan to you your structure: wind, temperature range, salinity of the wind…etc.

– structural diagrams: drawings of the load transmission to foundations in your structure.

– structural materials: description of materials from top to foundations.

– construction details you are having in mind.

all the best!

Izaskun, Roberto & Carlos

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14 Responses to ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK! 3rd to 6th of March!

  1. Is it okay to suggest 5th years to have a group session?

  2. 20142015hanhao says:

    Han 5

  3. 20142015maxfriedlander says:

    11? 🙂 Max 🙂

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