Dear all!

Effectively, this week activities are generating one of the busiest moments of the year, so please keep a healthy life not to get over stressed!

1- MONDAY the 23rd of MARCH!: year 4 DR pre-submission. The work you all are doing is extremely unique and interesting, so we would like to CONGRATULATE YOU ALL!

2- MONDAY the 23rd of MARCH!, right after DR submission, please all year 4 still pending to send the structural information to Roberto (don´t forget to include Izaskun and me in copy), do it assap.

3- WEDNESDAY the 25th of March. END OF 2ND TERM CRIT. Starting at 9:30, in room 132. In order to be feedback-fair regardless the slot you will have, WE HAVE TO KEEP THE PRESENTATION + FEEDBACKS in 30 minutes maximum. If not, the last ones will receive a less varied guests´ feedbacks.

when: WEDNESDAY the 25th of March, from 9:30. This means 4 of you have to start pin-upping at 9:00am. This is always taking more than you think, and we are always starting half an hour late, so PLEASE, let´s be at 9:30am ready.

where: 1st floor, room 132.


a- BRIEF printed in A4, 5 copies for the jury: including project NAME, description of program, site, community of users and project AGENDA.

b- GRAPHIC DOCUMENTS: Site, program diagrams, Plans, Sections and 3d models. 



e- prepare a list of design problems you have encountered so the panel can help you in finding solutions.


1. Martin Tang.

2. Sally Hart.

3. Jan Kattein.

4. Ricardo de Ostos.

5. Space Syntax team.

6. Nerea Calvillo.

+ Unit22 tutors.

4- THURSDAY the 26th of March. OPEN CRIT. Our magnificent colleague, Joshua Thomas will be presenting his fascinating project in the new series of OPEN CRIT restarting this year….. PLEASE LET´S CHEER JOSH UP for making him feel as in the Oscar’s ceremony.

5- FRIDAY the 27th of March. OPEN DRINKS. Are you in the mood for a Diwana dinner and then some celebratory drinks (not necessarily alcoholic).

a bit of vedi music will do it smoother….

all the best!

Izaskun and Carlos

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13 Responses to ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK, 23rd of 27th.

  1. 20142015maxfriedlander says:

    1st if weare doing a list

  2. 2nd (Jan Kattein preference) please

  3. Sirisan – First After Lunch (?)

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