ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK, 27th of April to 1st of May

Dear all!

First of all, congratulations to all 4th years submitting the DR today!!! this is an academic milestone that marks the acquisition of outstanding design maturity……….. Tomorrow is the submission of the 5th years thesis! so that means we all are getting ready for the last term of the year, the shortest, but the most enjoyable TERM of all.

In order to allow you all to get prepare to what is coming, this week we have a very clarifying activity.

Without any more introduction, here is the list:

1- MONDAY THE 27th, afternoon slot: upload the DR to the blog. Title of the post DR 2015 + full name, This will help us all to consult the projects and increase the knowledge database for the generations to come.

2- TUESDAY THE 28th, afternoon slot: upload the 5th years Thesis. Title of the post THESIS 2015 + full name, idem that before, this will help us all to consult the thesis, learn from you and increase the knowledge database for the generations to come.

3- THURSDAY THE 29th, afternoon slot: in preparation of YOUR BEST MAY EVER! please:

a- upload a PDF containing the schematic description of the documents/pages you consider necessary to fully/truly/completely understand your projects. Just to clarify, this PDF might have a similar format to an architectural Storyboard (hand draw, fast 3d models or physical models ….etc), one or two sentences to clarify your intentions might be useful.

b- upload a series of little “final pages” samples/test. For example, 3 10cmx10cm samples of the documents describing the project highlights testing the graphic/informational techniques you consider to be the optimal. This series of test would allow you to see the efficiency of the informational qualities of the most important documents of the year. If they are not successful, then you would have time to experiment more!!! (then no surprises will happen!).

3- FRIDAY THE 30th: I´ll be at the Bartlett to discuss with all of you about this uploaded documents. I suggest a general session so you all are aware of techniques and methods applied by our colleagues.

dear all, ALL THE BEST! AND CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!! (please let us kwow if some of you have not arrived to the hand in).

Izaskun and Carlos

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