Dear all!!

The 8th week has come with cold winter wind… but blue sky occasionally. Without more introduction, here we go with the ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK:

  • PLEXUS 20: “three years later, G02, from 6:30 pm. SPEAKERS: Davide Quayola, Gilles Retsin, Kibwe Tavares // Factory Fifteen, Mustafa El Sayed // Automata.
  • BARTLETT DRAWING CLUB, from 19:30 to 21:30. As always, this clubs celebrate the joy of creativity! Drawing coach, materials, model and tea = 5£.
  • WEDNESDAY, volunteer tutorials if you need some extra point of view. In preparation for next week CRITS (Wednesday and Thursday), we think it is time to concentrate and produce. So for those that want to have a conversation about your project, I’ll be ready! We have a room booked, but if you prefer we can do it in the studio. Let me know if you are interested commenting in this post.
  • WEDNESDAY, INTERNATIONA LECTURES, 6:30pm, Chemistry Lecture Theatre: Adam Greenfield will discuss alternatives the current dominant conception of technologised urbanity, specifically four aspects involved in the production of networked urban environments from the bottom up: people making data, people making things, people making places and people making networks.Adam Greenfieldis author of Everyware: The dawning age of ubiquitous computing (2006), Against the smart city (2013) and The city is here for you to use (forthcoming from Verso). His practice Urbanscale is dedicated to design for networked cities and citizens. Previously a Senior Urban Fellow at LSE Cities, Adam now co-teaches on the Bartlett School of Architecture’s MArch Urban Design cluster ‘Architectures of Participation’ with Usman Haque.

                                ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,      .,…. ….. . …/ //.

                                 “““\\\\\\||||\ . …/ //. ,,,,,,,

                                //. ,,,,,,, “““\\\\\\||||\ . …/

                                 ,.,.,.,,,      .,…. ….. (((()))***** !!

                                PLEASE HAVE FUN (healthy one 😉



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  1. Hey! I’d like a tutorial please! Maybe 9.30/10? thanks!

  2. of course!
    see you there

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