Dear all!

After the very intense first week of December, let’s try to capitalize the momentum and the effort to finish the term as you deserve.

Here we go with the list of activities of the 10th week of the year, a few days before #YouKnowWhat.

  • Bartlett Drawing Club, the last day of the year! 133 room of 140HR, from 19:30 to 21:30, materials, tutor + model = 5GBP.
  • Wednesday the 9th of December, Submission of second and third terms project brief + agenda + set of graphic documents describing the scope of the project> After the CRIT finished on Thursday, Izaskun and I explained how crucial is to summarize the first term into a concise set of graphic documents that would clarify the project to be developed in the following terms. Upload the submission to the blog for Izaskun and I comment conveniently in our end of term report (please name it FINAL PROJECT BRIEF+ full name). This set of documents are:
  • Project Brief: describing accurately the program, the users, the economic structure that supports it, and the site. As a recommendation-fast-estimation, the number of users within the community you are addressing might be of around 200/300 for the 4th years, and some thousands for a 5th To compensate this numbers with lower ones, it is necessary to increase the intensity of the design.
  • Project Agenda: set of design hypotheses or statements that summarize the interest of the project in its context: women and gender perspective, social, environmental, economical, structural& construction clues, materiality….etc.
  • A collection of drawings to clarify the impact of your project in the 4 different scales we are working at from the beginning of the year: Body, Room, Building and Community scale. Ideally one per scale, so we can have a clear idea of how challenging/how accessible/how relevant your project will be.
  • International lectures series, Wednesday the 9th of December, Chemistry building, 18:30pm: Japanese architectEndo Shuhei founded his studio, Endo Shuhei Architect Institute, in 1988 and has built nearly 20 small-scale projects in Japan whose unmistakable forms resemble strands of ribbon spiralling over and under the ground. He primarily uses sheets of corrugated steel, combined with glass and concrete, that wrap and fold to compose walls and enclose interior spaces. He has also published numerous books including 2012’s 5-1 Design Peak: Shuhei Endo. Despite the playful qualities that his buildings evoke, Endo’s work reflects deeper levels of meaning and addresses ideas of sustainability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Thursday will be the perfect day to wrap up. While some people are in the workshop, some of the team members could be dedicated to collect the working drawings, test models, 1to1 samples, prototypes, etc. So start pin upping the information to the G02 room.
  • Friday the 11th of December, 9:30 in G02, “The Drawing Room” FINAL PRESENTATION. This will be the day to celebrate all group achievements! The structure of the session won’t follow conventional organizations, being the most important part of it, the performance of each team


See you on Wednesday if you need to, or in HO CHI MINH CITY! Have you listen to

Glen Gould&Bach Golbert Variations? This is food for your soul but if Bach is not you cup of tea let’s try with Lady Gaga

All the best!

Izaskun and Carlos

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2 Responses to ACTIVITIES OF THE 10th week

  1. I think the Thurs and Friday activities are for year 1s right…?
    Cos we’re very very flown away ….

  2. you were right! oh mother nature….

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