Dear all!

I’ve gone to the UNIT22 studio to congratulate you all the new year, but I’ve only see Li, Oliver and Shuo (by the way, Shuo needs some heath miracles… we have suggested him RUM+LEMON+HONNEY… 😉

Izaskun and I will send you the 5th year’s end of 1st term feedbacks after the portfolio review. We consider they will be less disruptive to face the portfolio presentation in full confidence.

The activities of the week are very simple, WEDNESDAY THE 13TH:

  • 5th YEARS, portfolio review rehearsal, presenting to year4 students! It is more important to prepare the presentation properly than to start new nonsense documents.
  • We will start at 9:30 to 14:00, in 132 (140HR). Panel, please bring your pack-lunch.
  • Each slot is Each student has 10min maximum to present his/her portfolio.
  • The panel made by all 4th years+Carlos will only make questions to the person presenting (as in panel). We will give a set of recommendations in the last 5 minutes.
  • I suggest the same order than Thursday presentation> Ana, Ruben, Max, Han, Lily, Oliver, Li, Shuo, Timmy and Nawan.
  • Bring A4 Brief (concise description of programme, site, users, and project agenda).
  • Ideally present it all in printed paper (but if there is still some pages to print, please show them to us with laptop.
  • This presentation is going to be extremely helpful!
  • 4TH YEARS, one to one tutorials. From 15:30 onwards.

The activities for THURSDAY THE 14TH: 5th year portfolio presentation. Izaskun will be with you.


Izaskun and Carlos

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