Hi all!

  • Monday 8th of February, 3 to 1 tutorials in YEAR1 office space. Let’s start with the magnificent group of 4th years at 11:00am, so they can concentrate in the Wednesday DR meeting. Please bring: Site data, climate data, brief, detail programme description, plans, sections, elevations, 3D models, technical details, structural test and sketches…etc. The models or material test developed in TERM one that are still relevant will be as well part of the information to bring. Arrange it according to the DR sections. DR Section 1 info, DR Section 2 info, DR Section 3 info, DR Section 4 info.

                Following the 2 y4 slots, we will carry on with the y5 3 to 1 meetings.

Please feel free to organize the groups of 3 by commenting to this post or any other media.

  • DR MEETING, Wednesday 10th. The DR discussion will be concerning the info described previously.
  • Izaskun’s PHD jury in Madrid, Wednesday 10th, Aula Magna, starting at 16:00.
  • Sou Fujimoto, Wednesday 10th18:30 – 20.00. Rm. G02. 140 Hampstead Road | NW1 2BX. Between Nature and Architecture. Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto will discuss the relationship between nature and architecture, as well as that between nature and artificial environments. As a practicing architect he will demonstrate how he bridges architecture and nature using different design approaches and the fact that sometimes architectural design doesn’t intervene, but rather respects and works with what already exists.




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