2ND AND 3RD TERM CRITS, tutoring rooms

Dear all!
Here we post the dates for the 2ND AND 3RD TERM CRITS> All crits are for 4th and 5th years with the only exception of the CROSS CRIT for 4y.
TURORING SESSION, 7 of February.  room  3.14
CRIT 14 of February. room 2.01
TURORING SESSION, 21 of February. room  3.14
TURORING SESSION, 28 of February.  room  3.14
TURORING SESSION, 7 of March. room  3.14
TURORING SESSION, 14 of March. room  3.14
CRIT– 21 of March. room 2.01
CRIT 26th of April. room 2.01
TURORING SESSION, 2 of May.  room  3.14
TURORING SESSION, 9 of May.  room  3.14
CRIT 16th of May. room 2.01
TURORING SESSION, 23 of May.  room  3.14
All the best!  
Izaskun and Carlos
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