ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK! 1st to 7th of December

Dear all!

We are closer to the Paradise! SIX DAYS TO GO!

1- TUESDAY, 2nd of December, 2014. COMPETITION RESULTS: Thank you very much to all the students who submitted the information for the ONE DAY competition! After a very interesting debate looking at the entries for possibilities of realization on time, budget, structural and construction learning, the selected projects will be announced after the CRIT (we now have to wait to see whether the suitable materials or similar ones could be provided by VERITAS UNIVERSITY).

2- WEDNESDAY, 3rd of December, 2014. FINAL TERM CRIT. As always this is an opportunity to learn from others points of views, to discover the parts of your project that are not understandable, and to find solutions to problems you have encountered.

where: room 1.40.

when: morning slot from 10:00 to 13:30, afternoon slot, from 14:30 to 19:00.

how: 5/7 minutes presentation (7 min. maximum please) describing your brief, project agenda, and design bringing the following documents:

1- A4 with brief (title, program, site, community of users, procurement) and agenda (definition of project interest transformed in design hypothesis).

2- 1/6 model and previous samples.

3- Printed Portfolio (selection of key documents).

4- Videos or any other document you have done.

Panel: The afternoon slot is very suitable for students with projects in which children are the main target. Because we will have the honor to have Sally Stanton in the panel (headmistress at two inner city state schools in Southampton).

1- Julia Backhaus: morning.

2- Max Dewdney: morning.

3- John NG: morning.

4- Tania Sengupta: morning.

5- Yael Reisner: afternoon.

6- Sally Stanton: afternoon.

7- Pedro Gil: afternoon.

8- Christopher Nicola: afternoon.

3- COSTA RICA! Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of  December!: arrival, and tour of San José with our fantastic Costa Rican colleagues. This trip is going to be memorable! The details of accommodation during San José days will be sent to you shortly.

All the BEST!!!!!!!! And thank you!

Izaskun and Carlos

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thank you very much to those who have submitted the information of the mini-competition! THANK YOU!

Now it is time to vote! So please, when checking the information from Ana, Lily, Sirisan and Nawan, you can vote giving them a LIKE!

all the best!

Izaskun and Carlos

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Nawan- Proposal for Costa Rica workshop

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Sirisan Nivatvongs – Costa Rica Workshop Competition

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Costa Rica Competition

illustration4 drawing 1 final Untitled-1illustration4Untitled-1

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1:1 Prototype Submission – Ana Alonso

Link to PDF:

Ana Alonso-1:1 Prototype Submission

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Dear all!
Saturday Dec 6th. Arrival to the airport. Universidad Veritas Students will pick up uk students at the airport and take them to their accommodation. Uk students will be kindly hosted by Costa Rica students at their  home . Please use this opportunity to learn more about the country and a bit of Spanish!.
Sunday Dec 7th. Bus tour kindly offered by Universidad Veritas to discover modern and contemporary architecture in San José. Believe me it is really interesting!.
Monday-Thursday 8th to 11th. Prototyping  workshop at Universidad Veritas in its San Jose Campus.
Thursday 11th End of compulsory activities.
For those that want to join we are preparing an excursion to Guanacaste. Unfortunatelly accomodation and transport have to be covered by the students so you are totally free to join or not.
Offered accommodation will be in:
all the BEST!
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